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River Song is annoying.

Hello, everyone. My name is Faren Bearowitz, and I am president of the “I HATE RIVER SONG” society.

Sign me up please.

River Song needs to accidentally fall out of the TARDIS door while in flight and never return to the series. I have issues with people who call other people sweetie. Add to that the fact that she’s a condescending cougar and we have something I entirely dislike.

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Friendship Bracelets and Doctor Who

I found this in an old “Bongo” brand shoe box full of my middle school self’s belongings. I was a very cool kid and I was a master friendship bracelet maker. Now you know it.

Naturally, I hied myself to the local craft store and picked up some embroidery floss (as well as a large supply of fun crafts to keep the kids occupied.)

Now I am making this: 

Yes that’s the 10th Doctor you see in the background. I’m multitasking. 

It’s a good afternoon.

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